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Tale of the Sun God Pyramid

Hello Lovelies!

Back in March, I found a curious little candle on a thrifting trip in Portland. It's from a now-defunct company, The Treasure Candle Inc. I wasn't able to glean much from my internet sleuthing, the company was based in Hollywood and sold these candles around the late 80's-90's, and that's all I could find! I even tried searching the Sun God myth that came tucked under the candle, but no dice.

It took quite a few hours to burn down low enough to fish out the hidden treasures, and I'd like to show you what was inside!

This candle was surprisingly stubborn, it survived over thirty hours before burning out the wick. I fished out four trinkets in all. A green agate emerged first, followed by a silver angel, then an elephant carved from a dark stone, and finally a clear crystal gem.
I fished all of the trinkets out within the first 5 hours of the candle being lit. I was expecting to find more, it was disappointing to realize everything was suspended in th…

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