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Seaside Daytrip

Hello Lovelies!
Things are really warming up here in Oregon! I'm down to walk the beach in any weather, but this weekend was the perfect storm of a extremely low tide, sunny skies, and almost zero wind!
I love our beaches, but strong winds usually cut our walks short. It makes me really miss the beaches in Kauai from my family's trip last summer.

This flock of sandpipers had some adorable babies, but I wasn't able to get very close before they flew off to the next stretch of beach. They made me want to re-watch that cute short by Pixar called Piper, if your day is lacking in cuteness you really need to give it a watch!

I'm surprised at how well my mani held up after a long afternoon of digging shells out of the sand. This is two coats of L'oreal Hidden Gems. It's one of my all-time favorite textured polishes. I'm on day four with no chips, it dries quickly, and is gorgeous to boot!
We ended the day at our favorite restaurant Chowder Bowl in Depoe Bay, their fish…

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