bombs , daisies, butterflies and pink polkadots

This week has been busy so I have lots of designs that I haven't had time to post 'till now. I was doing nails while watching myth busters and they inspired the bombs. The pink polka dots I painted today for my pink Wednesdays. And I did the butterflies earlier today before I remembered I needed to do something pink so they had a very short lifespan. And my daisies were done right after I went to the park which was filled with them. I brought a couple home to look at while I did the painting.

I started a new knitting project a little while ago and its coming along nicely but, it looks like I don't have enough yarn. Its a little shrug that goes along the back of your shoulders so I might be able to pass it off as a scarf. And the sad thing is is that the yarn I'm using is yarn I've been saving forever for the perfect project. And I don't have enough!


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