I have had this pair of shoes for a while and wanted to do something to jazz them up.
A couple years ago I had a hedgehog named croquet and I've been seeing all sorts of cute pictures of hedgehogs lately. So I have been thinking up of ways to incorporate them into my crafts. I cut out a dark brown hedgehog shape and then a light brown head shape layered over it.
I hot glued the pieces onto the shoe and painted on the eyes.
And the nails were a day after I did the shoes. I painted a base coat of a dark brown and a light brown half circle for the head. I used a detail brush to paint on the eyes, nose, and spines. Part of the credit goes to a friend of mine for this design. I was trying to figure out how to fit a hedgehog onto my nail and she just sketched out this view of looking at the hedgehog head on. Thank you! I plan on making more hedgehog related things in the future.
I got a huge chunk of brown felt at a garage sale so I have lots of stuff to work with!


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