melted crayon on canvas

I had originally seen this idea on pinterest and thought it was pretty cool looking so I got some crayons from the dollar tree, glued them onto a canvas and tried to melt them with a hair dryer on our enclosed porch so I wouldn't fill the house with crayon fumes.
After 10 minutes they weren't even shiny so I went and got a different hair dryer to try. After another 10 minutes I got frustrated and tried to melt the crayons in paper cups in the microwave. They wouldn't melt at all in there so I tried the oven. Finally after half an hour they melted enough to pour on the canvas. So I go back to the porch and half-way out of the cup the crayons harden. I got very mad at it left everything on the porch and didn't look at it again for a couple weeks.
I got some canvases for Christmas and we had some crayola crayons so I gave it another go this morning. After 5 minutes with a hair dryer I had a beautiful piece of art! So apparently the brand of crayons do matter, and it wasn't me being silly.
Some of my crayons were a little loose so I used some glue but besides that it went off without a hitch. So if I ever do that again I'll definatley use crayola brand crayons.

Later today I was playing with the new nail plates I got for christmas and painted these.
It's very hard to see the design so I took of a picture of the plate too so you could understand what you're seeing better. I really like this image, I think it's a nautilus shell. I was curious to see if nautiluses are still around so I wikipediead them and apparently the cool looking ones like this one are extinct but there are still some species of them around today.
Here's the polishes I used:
Some clear base coat,
Orly star of bombay,
an unknown the color workshop polish,
Shany nail plate Sh04
and some top coat.
Thanks for reading!


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