2012 Cherimoya innocence review

A couple days ago I bought some crackle at Walgreens for 2.50 and tried it out today.
It changed to an ugly beige and hardly crackled at all so I returned it this morning and got a refund. I was originally going to buy 2012's version of the color but it was 50 cents more and the other brand had more in the bottle so I got that one. I used my refund and the extra 40 cents to get 2012's innocence, and I really like how it turned out.
It crackled satisfyingly and turned to this pretty lavender. In the bottle it's white so it's just shadowing my polish. I put the crackle over a coat of sinful colors daddy's girl. I just hope it'll look as good with other polishes. I put some clear top coat over the whole thing after it was done crackling to finish. Walgreens has a whole case of different colors and a 2 for 5$ deal so I plan to get more! I really like the spin they put on the names. Some of the ones I saw were: Lucifer,sinner,Genesis,apostles and etc.
Thanks for reading!


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