In memory of a chicken named Betty

A couple days ago something broke into our chicken coop and Betty was gone. She was the only one missing and thankfully our new chicks were okay. I really loved her and she will be terribly missed. She was great at mothering chicks (although she didn't lay the eggs herself), and was very tolerant of all my picture taking. I waited a few days because sometimes chickens will just randomly turn up, but I'm pretty sure she's gone for good after waiting four days.

These are our new chicks. Ann the chicken has been sitting on them and she is very protective so it's pretty hard to take pictures. There's a black and yellow and a light brown chick.


  1. Aww I'm so sorry about Betty! I used to have chickens and one was specifically mine and the other one was my brother's.One day we heard a crazy loud noise, we all ran out, and my brother's chicken was in a fox's mouth. Ah he cried for days! Hope your new chicks stay safe! =)


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