Weekly wrap up and new sponges

Lately I've been using makeup sponges for my gradient nails and I haven't been quite happy with how they've been turning out. I went to the dollar tree to get some regular sponges but apparently they don't have normal boring sponges so I have "fun sponges". Normal sponges elsewhere are like twice as much so I decided I might as well get these.

Here's my weekly wrap up:

Watching: Supernatural,
Reading: Fever by Lauren DeStefano,
Listening: Hey Na Na by Katie Herzig,
Wearing: my black heeled boots,
Eating: caesar salad and frosted animal crackers,
Drinking: water,
Buying: supplies for making earrings and needle nose pliers,
Playing: The sims social,
Feeling: happy,
Wanting: This shoe carousel,
Liking: These funny nails
Thanks for reading!


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