Blue monochrome gradient

Over at Polish Art Addiction Leslie is having a monochrome nail art contest! I figured I'd take a whack at it, and since today's 365 prompt is to only use blue I picked blue shades.
I sponged three shades of blue lightest to darkest over a light blue. And as an accent nail I made a heart out of rhinestones on my ring finger.

Usually when I have rhinestones or something 3D on my nails I knock/pick them off within a day, but for some reason these have lasted two whole days intact.

Here's the polishes I used:
Lakme color crush 03,
N.Y.C in a new york minute water street blue,
Wet n wild wild shine bijou blue,
L.A colors color craze static electricity,
a sponge,
and Stop nail rhinestones.

Thanks for reading!


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