My week at the beach

I've been over at the beach this weekend!
My family and I went to Agate beach to look at the piece of Japanese dock that washed up. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be and honestly it was kind of disappointing. In my mind I thought it would be really tall and wide, but in reality it was only a foot taller than me and not that long.

One of my 365 prompts is to make something in the sand so I drew 365 with my fingers in the sand. While we were at the beach I was looking for shells and interesting rocks but I didn't find anything worth keeping this trip.
We also went to the aquarium in Newport and the Hatfield marine science center, so I have a couple pictures of sea creatures to throw in.

This last picture is a sea pen, I thought that it's really pretty and it looks a bit like a feather quill.
Thanks for reading!


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