BBQ nail art fail

Unfortunately I have a disaster to post today. When I saw the BBQ theme I was kind of puzzled by it, and couldn't think of anything. But a friend suggested to do the actual grill and I thought it was a great idea so I gave it a go.

I started out by sponging different shades of red and orange over each other, and at that stage of the mani it was actually kinda pretty. But then I went and added the black which was supposed to be the sides of the grill and that made it turn ugly.

It was a great idea hypothetically but in reality it crashed and burned. Hopefully the other BBQ manis are much prettier than mine.

Here's the polishes I used:
L.A colors strengthener/hardener,
Fantasy Makers creepy pumpkin,
Wet n wild wild shine jezebel,
Lotus herbals colour dew copper gold,
L.A girl disco brites light show,
Wet n wild wild shine metallica,
Wet n wild wild shine black creme,
Fast dry top coat,
a striping brush,
a fan brush,
and a detail brush.

On the brighter side, yesterday I found a little frog in my yard.
Aren't his golden eyes gorgeous?

Thanks for reading!


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