New color mates polishes

About a week ago I saw that my local dollar tree had a new brand of polish in their display. It's called Color Mates and they had normal polishes and ones with nail art brushes.
Starting at the top left, this is Color mates nail art lime, hot pink, cocoa, and tangerine.
And this is metallic venom, fuchsia flash, little blue box, and winey the pooh.
This is a close up of one of the nail art brushes, I think it seems to be a good length and just thin enough to do some intricate designs.
I've only tried out one (little blue box) but they all seem to be a good consistency, look good with two coats, and have decent brushes. So overall they seem to be pretty good polishes, I would of gotten more but eight seems like a good number to start with doesn't it?

Thanks for reading!


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