The Crumpet's new 31 day challenge day 3 gold


Today's theme is gold and my 365 prompt is to make something inspired by my favorite tv show. Now I can't say this is my absolute favorite tv show because I just can't decide, but I picked Doctor Who.

 I decided to do regeneration nails, I started with a base of gold and I marbled in another gold with the syran wrap technique
Then I used a L.A colors art deco brush to add gold glitter swirls, but they just wouldn't show up in my pictures.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors hardener/strengthener,
Nina ultra pro gladiator,
Lotus herbals colour dew gold mist,
L.A colors art deco gold glitter,
a striping brush,
and 4 east cosmetics clear nail polish.

Thanks for reading!


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