My neighbor totoro plushie


I recently started watching every Studio Ghibli movie I can find and when I watched My Neighbor Totoro I just fell in love with how cute Totoro and the his little friends are!
I saw a little stuffed totoro with a leaf on his head in a Japanese market in Portland but it was eighteen dollars! So I went looking around and found this fantastic pattern on how to make your own DIY felt Totoro!

It was really easy to make, it took me about an hour and half and that was with a couple breaks to make tea and getting distracted by Pinterest.

The pattern said to use beige felt for his belly but I couldn't find any so I used the same white I used for his eyes, and I think it looks just as nice.

Josephine was curious as to why I was fussing over a boring stuffed animal so she had to investigate.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh how cute! I can't sew a bit, your Totoro is awesome.

    Also SQUEE Josephine!!


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