Poptart nails


I found the idea for today's nails on Quite polished and you can look at the original post here.
I did these before I saw the post where she explained how she did hers so they're a bit different looking.

I know these don't really look like poptarts but they remind me of the frosting and sprinkles on a strawberry poptart so I just started calling them that! I sponged pink very lightly on the tips of my nails to get the gradient look, and I used a toothpick for the dots instead of dotting tool so the dots would look rougher and more sprinkle like.

My topcoat smeared a little bit, but I think that kind of adds to it don't you think?

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors basecoat/topcoat,
Wet n wild wild shine French white crème,
Wet n wild wild shine lavender crème,
Wet n wild wild shine lavender pearlescent,
a sponge,
a toothpick,
and N.Y.C extra shiny top coat.

Thanks for reading!


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