Weekly wrap up


Here's what I've been doing lately:

Reading: Straw house wood house brick house blow by Daniel Nayeri,
Watching: Xxxholic, Kobato, The lorax, The nightmare before Christmas, and Animaniacs,
Making: a felt totoro,
Eating: salt water taffy, clam chowder, and Mexican pastries,
Drinking: mio in my water,
Wearing: a sundress for the first time in months,
Liking: my new favorite lip balm,
Finding: this funny video,
Buying: wet n wild nail polishes 40% off at Rite Aid,
Planning on: riding my bike as soon as it warms up a tad,
Playing: the sims social and with Josephine,
Wanting: to know how to crochet so I could make this,

Thanks for reading!


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