Nazca line nail art


Today's 365 prompt was to make something you can only see from a great distance or height. I thought about maybe doing something with Mount Rushmore or one of those planes that tow a banner, but then I thought of doing the Nazca lines!

My thumb is a condor, my index finger is a humming bird, my middle finger is what is thought to be a symbol representing a labyrinth, my ring finger is a spider (although I always thought is was a ant), and my pinkie is a flower.

I sponged different browns to get an earthy look, and all the details were done with a striping brush.

Here's the polishes I used:

L.A colors basecoat/topcoat,
The color workshop unnamed brown,
Color mates nail art cocoa,
N.Y.C French white tip,
a sponge,
and N.Y.C in a new York color minute grand central station.

Thanks for reading!


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