China Glaze def defying fishtail mani


I bought my first China Glaze polish a couple days ago on sale for 4.99, and I had to try it out as soon as I got home! I thought it would look nice as a fishtail mani so I paired it with these yellow and blue nail art polishes. This is China Glaze def defying with Color mates nail art teal and bold yellow.
I think I've improved since my last fishtail mani, I started with a small circle of my base polish at the top of the nail like last time and then layered the other polishes on top as usual.

I don't know why but as I'm writing this post I'm starting to think these scream Ducks, if you live in Oregon you'll know what I mean. Besides the sportiness I'm happy with how they look, the green and yellow contrast a bit more in real life but my camera just wouldn't pick it up.

Thanks for looking!


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