A book is a loaded gun


Usually I have something to pick on in my manis, but for once I don't think I could've done this any better! Today's theme in the Llama nails nerd challenge is science fiction and if you haven't figured it out yet I picked Fahrenheit 451 as my manis inspiration.

I did my fire in a different way than I've seen elsewhere, I didn't want the typical hot rod flames so I layered red, orange, and yellow, and then I outlined some flames very lightly with black.

I freehanded the 451 with a striping brush and newspapered my middle and pinkie fingers.

Here's the polishes I used:

Color mates clear,
Petites color fever vintage gray,
Ulta let the flames begin,
N.Y.C color in a new York minute Lexington yellow,
Wet n wild fastdry ebony hates chris,
Klean Color boogie nights,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for looking!


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