Chunky french tips

Hi guys!

It's the last day of The Crumpet's Tri-Polish Challenge for July and I've saved the best for last!
I wanted to use all of my polishes so I slogged through my to do list (I've reached a ridiculous amount of manis I want to do) and found this cute color block design.

I started with two coats of my mint polish, then I used a thicker detail brush than usual to paint the blue stripe. It layered easily over the mint so I didn't have to go over the first layer again which made me happy! But that wasn't the case with my dark blue French stripe, I had to go over that at least three times. I'm not sure if these are French tips or not, maybe I could call them chunky French tips?

Here's the polishes I used:

Color Mates clear,
Sally Hansen X-treme wear mint sorbet,
Klean Color midnight queen,
Wet n wild megalast I need a refresh-mint,
and a thick detail brush.

Thanks for looking!


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