Pirates and bad wolf

Hi guys!

It's been ages since I've found something at a thrift shop that made my day, I just haven't seemed to have had much luck lately. The day before yesterday I found this awesome side table in one of the thrift shops I visit regularly. It doesn't go with anything else in my room, and it is banged up a bit, but I thought it was adorable so I had to get it!

I love the dubloons on the top! I'm planning on getting some brown paint to touch up some of the scratches, but beside that it seems to be in great shape! I found this right after I went in the thrift shop and I didn't want to lug it around so I told my brother to watch it so I could look around a bit. When I came back he was sitting on it and it seemed to hold him no problem so it's pretty sturdy!

It has a shelf in the middle that fits all the random stuff I keep by my bed, and for the cherry on top it was only 3.50!

And because I can't do anything without something doctor who related or just geeky in general, I found this on a post outside my martial arts dojo! I actually first saw this weeks ago but I kept forgetting to bring my camera to take a pic.

Thanks for looking!


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