Revlon whimsical swatches

Hi guys!

I've been eyeing this polish for quite a while but I somehow I managed to wait until I had a really good coupon, so I'm really glad I held off! This is Whimsical by Revlon, it's a super sheer mint green/blue jelly base with pastel blue, pink, and silver glitters and silver micro glitters. This is four or five coats, but I do pretty thin coats so it wasn't really all that thick on my nails. I had to fish around in the bottle to get as many glitters as I did, but part of reason of that is that with each additional coat the brush scooted around the glitters from previous coats.

I still had out my mint polish from the TPC challenge and I got to thinking how that would look layered, so I have two coats of that on my thumb and then two coats of whimsical over the top.
The glitters stand out a lot more when layered over something, and I love how it gave the mint polish a milky look. I was expecting this to take absolutely forever to dry since I used almost five coats, but it actually dried fairly quickly!

I still had this on when I went to the river to go swimming, and usually swimming totally trashes my nails, but these held up perfectly! I picked this up for 3.74 and the regular price is usually 4.99.

Polishes I used:

Color Mates clear,
Revlon whimsical,
and Sally Hansen X-treme wear mint sorbet.

Thanks for reading!


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