Weekly wrap up

Hi guys!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Eating: pocky for the first time, love it!
Drinking: water,
On my nails and favorite nails of the week: plumbobs and broomsticks,
Finding: out that a distillery in Scotland sent whiskey into space and we saw their "whiskey rocket",
Wearing: blue hedgehog socks with my blue converse,
Making: jewelry for a b-day present,
Liking: this funny take on books vs. movies,
Wanting: these polishes based on Gryffindor and Slytherin,
Watching: InuYasha, Kerero gunso, Death Note, Hetalia Axis Powers, Supernatural, Soul Eater, The Bible,
Listening to: I'm just a kid by Simple Plan,
Reading: Consumed by Kate Cann,
Buying: Revlon whimsical (expect a review soon!),
Playing: WOW and Mario karts wii,
Blogs I've started reading recently: will paint nails for food, Beauty by shortylegs, Lacquered by BlueVannila,
Planning on: going to the beach soon!,

Thanks for reading!


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