Guest post: Fancy Nails and Cups of Tea

Hi guys! Thanks Alexandria for inviting me to share with you some nail art I did.

Now I'm not a major nail artist, in fact my nail art usually just comes from using tape, a sponge or a dotting tool. But I was so chuffed to do a guest post that I thought I'd go a little outside my realm and try some freehand stuff.

The theme is 'geek' and I really came up drawing blanks for this. I'm a massive book nerd and I'm a geek for retro and embarrassing TV shows, but I couldn't think of anything majorly geeky to inspire me for my nails. Then I thought of my favourite Nintendo game growing up (yes - Nintendo - that's how old I am), and realised it would make the perfect nail art.....TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!

Turtle power!! I used Illamasqua Nurture for the base, it was perfect as it  has the rubber/wax finish. That was just a fluke really!

Striped on the mask colours using a small brush and a dotting tool for the little raised bits. Colours - OPI Dating a Royal, Pretty Serious Hell on Wheels, China Glaze Grape Pop and Illamasqua Gamma (L-R).

My lil black nail art polish was perfect for covering up all manner of sins. You should have seen how wobbly those lines were before I added the black outline! Then the nose and mouth lines, and finally dotted on white then black for the eyes.

I was so dying to do an open mouth with those big cheesy grins the Turtles have in most of their pics. But I didn't think I would have the skills to keep going, I was happy with what I had and didn't want to push my luck!

Am loving have these wee guys on my nails, they are like lil friends keeping me company through my day! Awww!

Thanks for checking out my post, I hope to see you stop by at Fancy Nails and Cups of Tea sometime! Thanks Alexandria for having me :)


Thanks so much Julia! That green is so gorgeous, it's perfect for TMNT! You can check out Julia's lovely blog here at Fancy Nails and Cups of Tea and her Facebook here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. They are SO COOL!!!! I loved these when I was little, but they were called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Ireland because apparently the whole Ninja thing was encouraging violence given the state of the country at the time! A tiny part of me still wants to be April O'Neill :)

    1. We all want to be April - I'm sure there was a spike in women studying journalism when TMNT was around! Thank you :)


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