Hi guys!

I missed the last theme of the I <3 Nerd challenge which was Legos, because I was over at the coast, but I'm back on track and today's (or rather yesterday's since I'm a day behind) theme is The Walking Dead. I was kind of lost for ideas because WD falls into the typical run of the mill zombie show/movie category. But after some perusing of Halloween manis, I decided to go with zombies in general.

I used Fantasy Makers once upon a time over a bright pea soup green polish to create that classic green and bloody zombie look. I love this red glitter, I've worn it by itself in the past, but it still looks gorgeous even over green.

This has got me itching to do more Halloween manis, I can't wait until October when I can wear them 24/7!

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild wild shine clear nail protector,
China Glaze def-defying,
and Fantasy Makers once upon a time.

Thanks for reading!


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