Weekly wrap up # 78

Hi guys!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Eating: mint chocolate chip waffle cones on the beach and salt water taffy,
Drinking: lots of black orange tea,
Making: plans to squeeze in as much stuff as possible before summer's end,
Favorite nails of the week: Iron Man by Lacquered by Blue Vanilla,
On my nails: Sally Girl brainy,
Wearing: my hair in lots of buns and my favorite bow shaped stud earrings,
Playing: WOW,
Watching: Sherlock, Heroes of Cosplay, Face Off, Fairy Tail, InuYasha, The Happening, The Knowing, Just Like Heaven, Alice in Wonderland (new version), My Super Ex-Girlfriend,
Listening to: Nightmares by Chameleon Circuit,
Liking: being home and playing with Josephine,
Disliking: that it's so hot!,
Finding: sea urchin shells, lots of starfish, and things written in the sand on the beach,
Wanting: these adorable measuring cups,
Buying: more nail polish (shocker!), some new tees, and a sundress,
Reading: Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger,

Thanks for reading!


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