Aww, Shucks!

Hi guys!

I've have two challenge themes to abide by today, it's the polka dot day of the #31DC2013 and it's also use your least expensive polish day in the Mish Mash challenge. I picked up Wet n wild wild shine red red for 50 cents a couple months ago when Walgreens was having all their makeup 50% off, and I think I picked up a few other polishes but I can't remember which ones for the life of me!
So back to the nails!
Today's design is inspired by this mani by The Nail Network. Her mani was inspired by a pin she got through a really fun pin trading program Disney World does, and I went and read a bit more about it here; now I have yet another reason I want to go to Disney World!

I used a extra large dotting tool for the dots and a striping brush for mickey's head. I was afraid I would smear my black dots when I put on topcoat, but by some random stroke of luck it looks perfect with no smearing!

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild wild shine clear nail protector,
Wet n wild wild shine red red,
Wet n wild wild shine French white crème,
Wet n wild fast dry ebony hates chris,
a dotting tool,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!


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