Hetalia Iceland nail art

Hi guys!

It's glitter day in the #31DC2013, Monday blues day, and the latest theme in the Mish Mash challenge is cold (that's a mouthful!). I bought this gorgeous polish about a month ago at Rue 21 for 3.99 and sadly haven't been able to use it until now.

This is pink ice by Rue 21, it doesn't have an individual name but I was able to find the color number, 031. And to make it a cold mani, I decided to do some Hetalia nail art (is anyone noticing a theme yet?), I choice Iceland since Iceland is pretty cold, apparently the average temperature there is -14!

I freehanded Iceland on my middle finger and his buddy Mr. Puffin on my ring finger. I used a striping brush for all of Iceland's face and most of Mr. Puffin, his eyes were done with a dotting tool.

Iceland's eyes didn't come out quite as hoped, I dotted white in the center of them but the blue swallowed it up so all you can see is blue.
I love how Mr. Puffin's bowtie came out, because bowties are cool (even on a puffin!).

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild wild shine clear nail protector,
Pink Ice by Rue 21 031,
Wet n wild megalast sugar coat,
Jesse's girl center stage,
Wet n wild wild shine French white crème,
Wet n wild fast dry ebony hates chris,
N.Y.C in a new York color minute sidewalkers,
Essence colour & go little miss sunrise,
Ulta let the flames begin,
Color Mates nail art tangerine,
a dotting tool,
and a striping brush.

Thanks for reading!


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