Radioactive venomous nails

Hi guys!

Over at The Sparkle Queen I found this new challenge He Picks My Polish! Basically you have a "he" pick three polishes out of your stash with zero guidance and you have to do a mani with only those three polishes and a clear coat. I had each of my three brothers pick out a polish each from my stash and they actually wound up with a pretty average looking palate of colors!

My littlest brother's favorite color is blue so he was drawn to the L.A colors polish right off the bat, middle brother went straight for a glow in the dark polish because he had heard me talking about it a couple weeks ago, and my oldest brother picked the purple solely because of the name: Metallic Venom. And coincidentally the blue polish is named Radiation so they decided I had radioactive venomous nails.
And since it's half moon day in the #31DC2013 I had a battle plan to follow instead of trying to figure out a mani around these polishes. I just started with a base of blue and layered the purple over the top. I only put one coat of the glow in the dark polish, it's a very pretty glittery milky blue, but I know from previous manis I'd have to use almost five coats to get any serious glow in the dark action.

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild wild shine clear nail protector,
Color Mates metallic venom,
L.A colors color craze radiation,
and Claire's glow in the dark unnamed.

Thanks for reading!


  1. these look gorgeous!! I'm currently doing my liebster award post - I know it's taken me forever! Your questions are tough :) I was nominated by another blogger also, so I'll wait and link her questions up at the same time. thanks :)

  2. I love how you did two challenges with one set of nails :) Beautiful half moons!

  3. Wow look at you multitasker! There is so much about this look I love! I love how you got all of your brothers involved, and pulled off a beautiful half moon look! So lovely :) Hopefully your brothers won't team up against you in the future and try and pick hard colors hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was relieved when they picked such tame colors, I probably won't get so lucky next time!


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