Fixing loose bobby-pins tutorial

Hi girls!

Lately whenever I do my hair I have to sort through the mess of pins in my desk to find some that aren't bent out of shape, so I sorted through them all and ended up with at least twenty loose/twisted pins. While I was debating whether I should toss them or not I realized it probably wouldn't be that hard to tighten them up, so after finding absolutely nothing online on how to fix bobby pins I decided to remedy that situation by making a tutorial of my own!

The only thing you'll need are some needle-nose pliers and your bobby pins!
Take the closed end of the bobby pin wavy end up and gently pinch it in between your pliers. Don't squeeze to hard or you'll end up either breaking the metal or catapulting the pin across the room (that's what happened on my first try). If that doesn't get it tight enough you can pinch it in the middle and farther down, just make sure not to flatten the waves of the pin.

Tada! Now I have a box full of like new bobby pins and I don't have to sort through them one-handed while holding up my hair with the other!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I need to find my pliers! So many of my favourite pins have gotten loose lately, thanks for the tip.

  2. Aaah this is so useful, thank you. I can't tell you how many bobby pins of mine are non-usable because of this so thank you! x


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