Weekly wrap up #88

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Reading: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline,
Listening to: VSQ,
Watching: Supernatural, Hetalia World Series, Spice and Wolf, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Mama, Grimm,
Disliking: that for the fourth or fifth time in a row I've forgotten to do a mani for Friday the 13th,
Liking: that our snow melted so running errands isn't like an arctic expedition,
Finding: this cute fox nail tutorial,
Knitting: the same scarf, but I have made quite a bit of progress,
Eating: pumpkin pie, toasted pb&j,
Drinking: lots of tea,
Making: Christmas cards,
Wanting: this speaker for your mp3,
Blogs I've started reading recently: Neues vom Kellerkind, Paulina's Passions, A bag full of sweet delights,
On my nails: winter flowers and vintage Christmas sweater (yes I've gone back to doubling up),
Wearing: boots since my ballet flats just aren't cutting it warmth wise,

                                                               Thanks for reading!


  1. Aaaw the fox nails were too adorable :D
    Eeep you love Supernatural too? :) I adore that show... have not watched the new season yet cause I want to wait til the season has come to an end so I can watch all of the episodes in one sitting if I want to :D Okay thats impossible but yeah ;)
    I have said it before but Josephine is just so adorable that it makes me smile every time I see a pic of her :)


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