e.l.f Disney villains Maleficent look book review

Hi girls!

I actually took all the pictures to do this review ages ago, but I got distracted by nail art challenges so they never got posted! But since I have a lull in all my nail challenges I figured I should actually get around to writing my review!

The look book comes with a eyeshadow pallet with six colors, a eye primer, a black eyeliner pencil, a black mascara, an eyeshadow brush, a black liquid liner, and a lip gloss. It also has instructions for a day and night look on either side.

The first three eyeshadow shades (flora, fauna, and spell), were very easy to apply, almost creamy, and lasted all day. The other three (raven black, thorns, and deep sleep), are way more pigmented so a little goes a very long way! I was excited to use the eyeshadow brush that came with the set since I've heard all sorts of good things about e.l.f''s brushes, but the brush shed horribly, so badly that I think I must of gotten a faulty one or something.

                                                all six of the shadows swatched, click to enlarge

The pencil eyeliner is just your average pencil liner, but I absolutely loved the liquid liner! It goes on very easily and doesn't smudge at all, and the brush is super thin which I love since I wear my liner flicked out at the ends. The lip color looks great by itself but I didn't really care for the doe foot applicator, and the color lasted for a couple hours before fading. I liked the mascara but it wasn't anything special, it gives good length and separates the lashes nicely but no volume at all.

                                                   liquid liner, pencil liner, and lip color swatched

So overall I really liked the set, but the packaging was a bit of a hassle. Everything was snapped tightly into place so it was a bit of a pain to get stuff out. So besides that and my faulty brush, I think this a good buy!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the colours in this set, the day look inspiration looks gorgeous. x


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