GOT Challenge Skittles

Hi girls!

Today's theme in the Golden Oldie Thursdays challenge is skittle! I haven't been stamping as much lately and I wanted to do something bright and cheerful, so I pulled out this heart image (it's from a valentine's plate but it worked pretty well for this!). I used two different polishes for each nail, it was way easier to pick out old polishes for this since I didn't have a set color theme.

I really like the gold and mauve combo on my middle finger, I think I'll do something else with those polishes in the near future.

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild wild shine clear nail protector,
The Color Workshop base coat,
Klean Color boogie nights,
NYC in a new york color minute heat wave,
Revlon colorstay seashell,
Essence colour & go modern romance,
E.L.F bubble gum pink,
E.L.F nude,
E.L.F coral dream,
Wet n wild megalast Candy-licious,
Nina ultra pro gladiator,
The Color Workshop unnamed.

Thanks for reading!


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