Saturday on the sea shore

Hi girls!

I went down to Devil's Punch Bowl outside Otter Rock last week with some friends and I managed to get some pictures of my new jumper, I bought it at a bookstore of all places! My family has gone to this bookstore off and on for quite a few years, and my mom told me she saw this jumper in the very back of the store almost eighteen years ago! I guess it was just waiting for me to come along and snatch it up :) The jumper was 9.50, and it was a bit a gamble since I had no idea what it would look like on me, but it turned out to be a great buy!

Although it was a little breezy, it was actually pretty warm so we hung out around the beach for a couple hours, I just love poking around all the tide pools and seeing all the sea-life!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The coast is beautiful, and the jumper is very cute! Never heard of anyone buying clothes at a book store!


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