30DC Shades of Gray

Hi girls!

Shades of gray is today's theme, and I have some pretty dotted grey nails to go with it! This is Black Heart Beauty holo lv stck, I swatched it ages ago here. Holo lv stck is a layered polish, and now that I've used it a couple times it has settled into a dusty dark grey; I hardly got any purple on the nail this go round. I created the dots with NYC in a new york color minute sidewalkers and a dotting tool, I'm very happy with how uniform all my dots turned out!

I usually find dotticures a tad boring compared to my more wild nail art, but I'm finding myself really loving these, I think the two grays go fantastically with each other.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the grey on grey!!!! Super cute! Stopping by from the blog hop!



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