GOT neon distressed nail art

Hi girls!

I've gotten sucked back into the Golden Oldie Challenge, and today's theme is neon! I used Chalkboard Nail's distressed nail tutorial last month, and I've been wanting to try it out in white ever since. I used three different neon polishes, Wet n wild wild shine lavender creme, NYC in a new york color minute heat wave, and a unnamed Ruebeaute! layered polish. And then I just did the final layer with Wet n wild wild shine french white creme instead of the usual black.

I really love the white look, I think it lets the colors shine through in a lot more places on the nail. I'll try this in a green/blue/yellow combo next, I think that'll look stunning!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yes, you're right!)) I like your version very much! Nice colors! Looks like an abstract panting in oil ;))

  2. I'm honestly not normally a fan of distressed anything, but you've completely changed my mind about the nails look! I think it's your great choice of bright, eye catching color combos. I love this!

  3. I like the look with white <3 That, combined with your colors, gives it a much brighter and happy look <3 love it!


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