Tri-Polish Tuesdays Wet n Wild Fast Dry party of five glitters swatches

Hi girls!

I might of cheated a bit with today's Tri-Polish Tuesday post, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I ended up with! While digging around my stash looking for a new red/green/purple combo I happened upon this glitter topper which just so happens to have green, red, and purple glitters! This is Wet n Wild fast dry party of five glitters, besides the aforementioned colors, it also has silver and light blue hex glitters.

I've layered it over an unnamed RueBeaute! polish, it's a layered polish with purple, pink, and some other color I've forgotten, but after a couple uses it's mixed itself up thoroughly. I think this dark purple looks really good on me, I should use these shades more often!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the purple polish! It looks super cute with the glitter. Thanks so much for linking up for the let's be friends blog hop today!

  2. Love the glitter, is it really quick dry? Wet & Wild is so cheap it's hard not to buy every color but a quick dry is a total game changer! My daughter always wants glitter but it ends up being a disaster when it takes too long to dry. . . . great post, thanks!

    1. It dries a bit faster than a normal glitter topper but nothing really drastic, but if you let the base color dry first I think she'd be fine!


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