Big Lots haul and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat pink sprinkle swatches

Hello Lovelies!

I hadn't stalked the Big Lots makeup section in ages so I swung by yesterday and found all these awesome polishes! I got two Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes and four Sally Hansen Sugar Coats, I've heard lots of good things about their textured polishes, and since they were only a buck a pop I had to pick them up!

I'm swatching Sally Hansen Sugar Coat pink sprinkle for today, it surprised me how sparkly it is, in the bottle it only has a slight shimmer to it. It has little amber and dark pink glitters in it, I haven't tried any of the new Zoya bubbly polishes but this really reminds me of them from all the swatches I've seen. This is three coats, it had a couple bald patches on the second otherwise I would've of left it there.
I've never had a textured polish push and pull around during application like this one, it wasn't bad overall I've just always had great luck with how easy textured polishes are to put on.

I'm looking forward to swatching the rest of my mini haul, I think I've seen people stamp with texture before so I might give that a go! I'm linking up with this month's Challenge Your Nail Art, today's theme is bright colors! And I'm also doing the Golden Oldie Challenge, today was free choice.

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