No use crying over spilt milk

Hello Lovelies!

It's been almost two weeks since I did some serious nail art, and that's just disgraceful! I've been in a cutesy pastel mood, and these cute erasers fit that theme perfectly! I started with three coats of Essie Ballet Slippers and then let that dry completely before I moved onto the nail art.

I used a detailing brush to freehand all the cookies, and then outlined them with black acrylic paint to make them pop against the pink base. I used the detailing brush to add the chocolate chips, and then started on my milk carton!
I doodled out the carton on some scrap paper before I attempted painting him, I actually had to look up some images to get the lines and proportions right.
And finally I matted everything with NYC In A New York Color Minute Matte Me Crazy, and I'm glad I did because I think it looks fantastic!

Polishes I used:

e.l.f Desert Haze & Smoky Haze,
Color Mates Little Blue Box,
Wet n Wild Wild Shine French White Creme & Black Creme,
Essie Ballet Slippers,
NYC In A New York Color Minute Matte Me Crazy,
and black acrylic paint.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is so cool! How do you come up with all of these creative ideas?

  2. I LOVE these nails! I have zero skills outside of one solid color and maybe a few dots.. the winking milk carton is ridiculously cute!


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