Graffiti grunge water spotted nails

Hello Lovelies!

I should get the hang of water spotting at some point right? Day 3's theme is water spotting, and I ended up with this kinda grungy/graffiti look. I just couldn't get my spots to come up, I was using perfume though, maybe I should go get some of the actual hand sanitizer spray that everyone says to use...

I started by alternating with five polishes and putting them on random spots on the nail. I let that dry completely before I went and messed it up with my water spotting, at least I didn't get any black on my cuticles, I hate having to clean stubborn black polish residue out of the skin around my nails.

Polishes I used:

Color Club Go-Go Green,
Poppy Dear Evelyn,
Color Club Right On,
L.A Colors Color Craze Sea Shell,
Jordana Boy Oh Boy,
and Sinful Colors Black On Black.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. The black makes it look so psychedelic! :) I tried using the sample perfumes I had laying around but since they were the scents I didn't like I got a headache. Heh!

  2. This looks cool! Almost kind of tie-dye! :)

  3. I think I would try using perfume if I tried this again. Looks very graffiti like :)

  4. I think these still look really cool!


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