Pointed French Tips

Hello Lovelies!

Notice anything different? As you can see, my middle nail is a tad shorter than the rest, that's the one I broke right down to the quick. I wasn't able to patch it so I cut 'em all down because I hate having mismatched nails.
Today's theme is "Red Base", I spent ages trying to figure out some nail art to do, and finally settled with this pointed french tip.

I got this red polish from Walgreens, it was one of those little generic ones they make for Halloween, I mostly got it for the bottle since I thought the rose was cute. I freehanded the black tips with Sinful Colors Black On Black, and matted it with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. These are gorgeous! Red and black is always such a great color combo!

  2. Looks so cool, must try this out :)


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