Weekly Wrap Up

Hello Lovelies!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Watching: Malcolm in the Middle, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Walking Dead, Cinderella
Song stuck in my head: American Beauty/America Psycho,
Eating: egg foo yung and fried rice from my favorite chinese place,
Drinking: hot cocoa,
Blogs I've been reading: Nail Swag, Lady Crappo, Nancy Mc Nails,
Liking: this plum eyeshadow tutorial,
Finding: these funny valentines for nail addicts,
Wanting: to make a paperweight out of a dandelion,
Wearing: lots of plaid since I'm cosplaying fem sammy this weekend,
Looking forward to: going up to Portland with my bestie,
On my nails: Ghibli inspired on one hand and gold tribal on the other,
Favorite post of the week: the nails I saved from the brink of disaster.

Thanks for visiting with me!


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