Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Reading: Norwegian fairy tales,
Watching: Malcom in the Middle, OHSHC, Steven Universe, Say You're In Love, Supernatural,
Listening to: Tapping Beats,
Wearing: my backpack/purse,
On my nails: happy slices of watermelon,
Buying: one of the L.A Colors Gel Finish polishes,
Eating: mushroom udon noodles,
Drinking: pomegranate black tea,
Liking: this absolutely amazing cosplay from Fantasia,
Finding: this Hermione headcannon,
Playing: Portal 2,
Slices of the internet I've stumbled onto: Halfway To Hipster, Natalie Patalie, Woods of Bell Trees,
Making: plans for a Lapis Lazuli cosplay and revamping my Aph Hungary,
Song stuck in my head: The Last Goodbye,

Thanks for visiting with me!


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