Mini Posts: Essence Lash Princess Mascara Review

Hello Lovelies!

I bought this because the super cute packaging caught my eye, but it turned out to be a really good mascara, so I'm doing a quick review of it today!

This is Essence Lash Princess, it has a pretty dry formula that dries fast, it clumps a little bit, but doesn't turn into full out spider lashes. I usually curl my lashes, but these pics are uncurled because I wanted to show off the mascara by itself. It has a large tapered wand, since it's a larger wand than average, it's a bit tricky to get at my lower lash line. It doesn't cause any fall out or flaking throughout the day, and it's not too stiff so I'll be using this often in my makeup routine!

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  1. Yeah you are right! It has a very cute packaging. I also love its qualities which made me decide to try it out.

  2. Cute packaging does help boost sales! I've bought quite a few items based on their packaging! It's always good when the product is good quality also!


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