Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Reading: Wolf in Shadow by John Lambshead,
Song stuck in my head: 4th of July by FOB,
Watching:  Barakamon, Inside Out, 
Playing: Aion,
On my nails: Salon Perfect Mer-Made of Money,
Buying: some plates from the new Aiyoohehe Ghibli collection,
Wanting: to make one of these,
Liking: this SuFin headcannon,
Eating: raspberry custard pie,
Drinking: lots'o water,
Disliking: how miserably hot it is,
Wearing: my bangs braided back,
Planning on: getting the fabric for my Lapis dress soon,

Happy 4th of July! See you later~


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