Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies!

What I've been up to:

eating: vanilla wafers and rainbow goldfish,
drinking: dr.pepper,
on my nails: they're actually bare right now! (gasp),
wearing: dr seuss pjs,
watching: SU, MITM, Bob's Burgers, Magi the Kingdom of Magic, Jurassic World,
song stuck in head: In The End by Linkin Park,
liking: this simple b&w swimsuit,
finding: this jodhpurs tutorial I can use for APH Finland,
wanting: one of my walmarts to get the new Pure Ice crellies in!
slices of the internet: @cupcakenailarts,
playing; Donkey Kong Country 2 snes,
looking forward to: hanging with my friend this weekend,

See you later~


  1. Hello you won my Zoya nail polish contest!

    1. *happy dance* Aaah so excited! I've sent ya an email.


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