Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies!

What I've been up to:

watching: Steven Universe, MITM, Ore Monogatari, Nana, Fantasia, AoT,
song stuck in my head: this, accompanied by flamingos,
reading: Wolf in Shadow by John Lambshead,
wearing: my nails in a new shape,
on my nails: Rose Quartz nail art,
buying: a couple new pretties from the Sally Hansen red tag sale,
wanting: to try this bun out,
liking: sea bunnies, yes sea bunnies, go look now!
blogs: Fandom Fun Nail Art, (just did some nails inspired by her!),
eating: lemon poppyseed biscuits,
drinking: english breakfast tea,
disliking: that I accidentally bought a second bottle of CG Sun Worshipper, that'll probably end up in my next giveaway,
playing: not really anything this week...

See you later!


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