Peek into my week

Hello Lovelies! Here's what I've been up to:

reading: Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson (I'm happy that there's another and kind of annoyed at the same time, because he keeps publishing the "last book" of the series)
listening to: THE FAKE on 8tracks,
working on: cosplay plans, but mostly figuring out Lapis Lazuli,
looking for: a hat that'll work for (Gravity Falls) Wendy! 
liking: this fun diy rice paper mask,
wanting: this amazing Doctor Who/Harry Potter stamping plate,
looking forward to: going to Kumoricon! (still scrambling to get ready though)
eating: cucumber dip and bread chips,
drinking: dr pepper,
wearing: my HUGE ankle length denim skirt,
buying: some new thrifty finds at the goodwill bins,
on my nails: L'Oreal Indigo Classic,
disliking: that there's only a little summer left! Trying to squeeze as much fun in as possible~
watching: Hetalia World Twinkle, K Project, 

See you later~


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