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Hello Lovelies!

First off, sorry for the lack of posting, things got pretty busy these last couple days! Secondly, I've had an idea for a new series of posts, sort of like roundups, but not quite? Every week I'm thinking on gathering all the nail related "news" I've found interesting, designs that have been posted in that week that caught my attention, and maybe some of the really good sales I find online/in stores. And anything else nail related that I think you lovelies might find intriguing/I want to spread the word about.

Swatch posts
Swatch Saturday: Salon Perfect Bat Your Lashes Collection by Adventures in Acetone

Native War Paints Attack of the Killer Unicorns Collection by CDB Nails (seriously check out the awesome polish names here)

Colores de Carol Halloween 2015 Swatches by Chit Chat Nails,

Color Club 2015 Halo Hues Swatches by Very Emily (all the holo!)

Some inspiration for those last minute Halloween manis!
Skeleton Love Story from Sassy Shelly- her color choices remind me of that Mystery Skulls vid

Cute Ghosties~

Pastel Glittery Bats

I've been stalking Born Pretty's site lately, because I've got some BP Points to burn, and I'm deliberating between this polish because of the gorgeous bottle, and this amazing blue to purple thermal; which do you guys think I should get?
I'd love to hear what you lovelies think of these kinds of posts and also if you have any nail news to share with me!

See you later~


  1. Get the thermal - both are lovely colours!

    1. Now I'm thinking I might just save up points to get both.. :P


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