Nail News

Hello Lovelies!

Here's the goings on from last week in the blogosphere and beyond~


Cirque Colors Holiday 2015
Moo Moo Signatures | Ancient Spellbook, Moo Magic In A Pot, Pum-oo-pkin & The Unwanted Visitor
Model's Own Liquid Metal Effects Collection 
CDB Lacquer Holiday 2015 Collection
 Femme Fatale Cosmetics Midsummer Night’s Dream (I want every single one of these sooo bad)
Model's Own Glitter Gel Collection

Femme Fatale Cosmetics 4th Anniversary Sanctum Trio 
Indigo Bananas Gravity Falls Collection (one is seriously called Holy Matrignomey and it's holo to boot)
Doctor Lacquer - Jingle X3, Holiday Collection

Nail Art

The Last Polar Bear Nail Art (a.k.a the cutest bear that's ever graced a nail)
Water Color Rainbow Elephants
Rose Gold Zoya and Moyou Stamping

Other coolness and etc

Northern Star Cosmetics released a Harry Potter mani set!
Nailed It, The Nailasaurus, Chalkboard Nails, & Wondrously Polished all collaborated on this awesome book (there's a giveaway too~)

Any news you want to share or did any of these make you as excited as me? Comment below!


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