Geometric Glitter Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!

I've pulled out one of my favorite polishes for today's design, this is Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria, it's a gorgeous sapphire blue glitter bomb, it's like it was almost designed for me, haha.

Mani Ingredients:

Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria
Pure Ice Frost Finish
OPI Alpine Snow
Gogo Only St.Merry Plate

I'm been playing around with a couple video editing programs these past couple weeks, and I've finally hit on one that's got all the tools I want but isn't too technical that I'm completely lost (still getting the hang of it though).
I'm going to start filming more tutorials, let me know what kind you'd like to see more of! Freehand, stamping, gradients, just let me know.


  See you tomorrow!


  1. Pretty! I really like how the white turns out ever so slightly blue with that base. :)


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